I'm a wishful thinker with the worst intentions.

Caity is my name.

This is me and this is where you ask me stuff.

I'm often misguided by opinions that are delivered well and I tend to hope too much for things that shouldn't matter. I'm an aspiring artist, who one day might prove something of herself.

fux wit it.

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Ancient healers believed Earth’s energy could be easily absorbed through our skin and through the soles of our feet.
Studies proves earthing (also called grounding) can improve your blood pressure, reduce cortisol, and even help problems sleeping. It’s done by reconnecting your body with the free electrons that flow through the Earth’s surface and it’s as easy as walking barefoot outdoors.

Alessandro Ripane

Jules de Balincourt (Fr. 1972- ), Hidden Men and Lost Monkeys, 2013, Oil and oil stick on panel, 243,8 x 152,4cm

this is it. this is the whole show